Cassper Nyovest’s Grade 10 Report Surfaces, Social Media Reacts


The post Cassper Nyovest’s Grade 10 Report Surfaces, Social Media Reacts appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.

Just when most were enjoying the new music video Cassper Nyovest has just dropped one troll decides to shade the excitement by showing off the Grade 10 report of Nyovest which is rather shocking.

There is no telling if the report is legit or not but it has received rather a massive attention from tweeps. The talk of Cassper’s education has been the big talks on social media lately with debates ranging from the importance of education to how one can make it big without being academically educated.

Tweeps’ reaction to the surface of the report:

Ashu Cassper Nyovest's report, I wasn't claiming shit

— JUSTICE (@Black_JusticeSA) May 29, 2019

What are you trying to achieve? Did you achieve something?

— Clonåj🌈 (@Clonajj) May 29, 2019

Ok now let's look how you were doing in grade 10 and how you doing today…. Most successful and richest people in the world today are drop out or didn't compete well in conventional schooling. And you call yourself "black Justice" while prosecuting unprovoked

— kepler (@Scotts1026) May 29, 2019

Now he got certified platinum albums😌

— Nappy-Boy (@JuniorLefa) May 29, 2019

Everyone knows that, not interesting news…but we seeing this report for the first. Laugh a lil…cos this shit is funny

— Maditsi Mashishi (@MashishiMaditsi) May 29, 2019

This is honestly so disappointing. So many of our favorite American rappers didn't complete not even primary school, however you'll never see anyone make fun of them.

— RIP NIP. (@empressyayaa) May 29, 2019

"It's funny I hated accounting, mara
Bona nou ke shapa number heee
Heee ha re tshwane, Heee ha re tshwane
Education is the key to success ha re kgane maan"

— Stoutgaat (@Karabelo_me) May 29, 2019

Business and maths can't be level 1 judging from his figures💲💴💰

— JCole#1Stan👑 (@ThinMa8) May 29, 2019

— BlackGirlMagic👑 (@Mine_Qha) May 29, 2019

Cassper’s defence earlier this week when they dragged was that he ignored trolls because he gains nothing from giving them a time of his day.

“I only ignore you trolls cause i know it affects my brand reputation. I could serve yall replies all day but it doesn’t pay well. Im all about my money!!! If it hurts the money, let it go!!!!”

Going against his words he gave into trolls and responded by saying this – “Funny thing is, those who went to school with me always knew how intelligent i was. I was always told by teachers that i shouldn’t waste my brains cause i was smart kid. I turned out pretty good if you ask me. Self Made. God engineering. If my story doesn’t inspire you hakitsi.

The post Cassper Nyovest’s Grade 10 Report Surfaces, Social Media Reacts appeared first on SA Hip Hop Mag.