Mthoxic Genesis AKA the Alpha G.O.D is the new trend name on the street and of lately his latest banger Alpha G.O.D (freestyle) is the new anthem which was released on June the 25th. Asked on how he about Alpha G.O.D freesytle he had this to say,”In that freestyle, I talk with those who actually think they’re better than me when they don even really know me” . The ‘Siana Naye’ artist is setting a different mood in this 3rd quarter of the year as he subsequently dropped his latest jam titled ‘June 28’ in the first week of July which he says it’s not generally for the people ,”…and this one is specifically for ma Miss, only she can relate to it…” he said.

“After releasing ‘Siana Naye’ , I did a little bit of relaxing as I was still pushing for a much larger audience.And in the process of relaxing I came across a few facts that led me to do and release ‘AlphaG.O.D’ which has a video on YouTube” he added.

All these songs are recorded and released under Hustle Deep Empire, mixed and mastered by Dr Breezy.

To watch the video, click the link below

He further cleared the misconception that is associated with the track tittle as people often mistake it with God. “Most people have been confusing the abbreviation G.O.D to God. Alpha means a leader (according to my vocabulary) and the abbreviation G.O.D means Guardian of Descendants, so I’m Alpha the Guardian of Descendants” he said and he says he hopes people would get the right definition of his traq tittle because he cannot compare himself to the higher spiritual power and the Messiah.