Mthoxic drops SIANA NAYE in honour of the late Lorbee J dream


People pass away without finishing their dreams and fulfilling but its all left to the one left behind to continue or end the vision.When Lorbee J left the land of the living Mthoxic didn’t abandon their Project, therefore he released Siana Naye.

Siana Naye it’s a track meant to honor the late talented member of Excellence Music , Lorbee J,he is the one who is actually the one who wrote the hook ( May his soul rest in eternal peace). The song was recorded at Excellence Music .The instrumental was produced and mastered by KoKo,recording and mastering was also done by him.The track it’s released under Hustle Deep Empire . On the song it features the late Lorbee J , KoKo and Martin Jonatao.Asked why he chose to work with these artist “These were the people I thought it was necessary for me to work with because they were much more experienced than I was, and I leant a lot from them…Well , Lorbee was the one with much inspiration cause he’s the one who gave us an idea how to work on the instrumental, and how to approach it. And it took us almost three months to finish the project due to the loss of our beloved talented young artist Lorbee J.. Well , in the process of recording the song we did not encounter any challenges cause we worked as a team” said Mthoxic.He also added that from the track he leant a lot of things , especially from the Excellence Music at large,as they taught him how to express his inner feelings on a track and how to market and work with other artists….
About his future plans “After Siana Naye I’m actually planning on bein a registered artist , and oooh I’m dropping another song titled Suicidal Thoughts and I’ll also do a track titled Siana Naye (Reply) that will be done by female Emcees.” said Mthoxic

He also had some advice to some young upcoming artist that they should believe in themselves , be social active and interact with other people to learn and know more about the industry.
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